Senator Olszewski to Lead Rural Healthcare Efforts

Dr. Al Olszewski, state senator and Republican candidate for Montana’s 2018 US Senate election, was selected as Montana’s project leader to improve the delivery of healthcare in rural Montana at the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) Symposium on Rural Healthcare Challenges.

Delegates from across the nation gathered to discuss the challenges and innovations in rural health policy at the symposium that was held in Denver, Colorado, from June 21 through June 23.

Sen. Olszewski led Montana’s delegation in engaging seven other states that are dealing with challenges of access to quality healthcare and delivery outside of their major cities and towns. Experiences within the respective states were shared and analyzed. Best practices from across the country were also studied. As Montana’s project leader, Sen. Olszewski will be responsible for the continued research and implementation of rural healthcare strategies.

“The NCSL symposium confirmed we are at the forefront of best practices in providing quality rural healthcare,” said Sen. Olszewski. “This year, the Legislature passed bills to expand the scope of practice for many community health providers, and to improve the way we recruit and retain medical doctors in the rural portions of our state.”

“Our focus over the next two years is to break down the barriers that prevent us from expanding community paramedicine and telehealth to care for our rural neighbors and veterans.”

Sen.. Olszewski was appointed by Montana’s Senate Leadership to represent the state at the NCSL symposium with other legislators and health administrators. The Montana Delegation consisted of Sen. Al Olszewski, Sen. Dave Howard, Rep. Matt Regier, Rep. Marilyn Ryan, Director Marie Matthews, Kristan Juliar, Duane Preshinger, and Brandy Kincheloe.

Participating states included Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Alaska, Nevada, New Mexico, Kansas, and Minnesota.