Rapidly Gaining Momentum!

There is an abundance of good news to share! Last week, Dr. Al won Montana Mint’s straw poll for the Republican U.S. Senate race. Not only did we win, we won “big league” with 53% of the vote. (The results pie chart they released is included at the bottom of this message). The Montana Mint, a Billings company with 21,000 Facebook followers, initiated a straw poll in March and published the results last Wednesday. We are honored by the support. Thank you, Montanans!

Second, the Sanders County Republican Central Committee endorsed Dr. Al Olszewski to be their champion for the U.S. Senate. It was a unanimous vote, 10-0!

In the midst of this momentum, Facebook has started to suppress our conservative message. The “review” periods to approve sponsoring our message on their social platform are becoming exceedingly longer. Most recently, it took 48 hours to boost our vocal support for the Second Amendment. Facebook publicly boasts an average review time of 15 minutes. We are taking flak because we are over the target!

The decisive win in the Montana Mint straw poll, the Sanders County Republican Central Committee endorsement, and the suppression of our message on Facebook does not surprise us. Our support by the grassroots arm of the Montana Republican Party is overwhelming. What is the secret to our success? It’s simple. Our campaign is not about one person, it’s about the Montana people. It’s is not about money, it’s about the Montana message.

We are humbled by the strong support and passion our campaign is receiving from all of Montana. We will never let Montanans down.

Our number one priority is to earn your vote. Now is the time! Join our team and get the word out to your family and friends that Montana has a candidate for U.S. Senate that is true to the people of Montana. Dr. Al always has been, and always will be.