What Matters to Us All

The following topics are important issues affecting Montanans. Continue reading to understand Dr. Al’s stances on the subjects.



We all know that healthcare is failing. If you pay for your insurance, it’s unaffordable. If the government pays for your healthcare, it’s inaccessible. The main reason for this colossal failure is due to the excessive, intrusive, and burdensome regulations put in place by Affordable Care Act.

As a physician and a legislator, my strategy for reforming our healthcare system consists of three parts:

  • Immediate healthcare regulation reform.
  • Repeal of the Affordable Care Act.
  • The development of a new healthcare system utilizing a bipartisan approach.

The only way to achieve true, long-lasting healthcare reform requires that all stakeholders be involved in the process starting with the patient, the providers, the payers, and the regulators of our healthcare system. As your US senator, I will champion this approach.

National Debt

Our national debt is the greatest threat to our nation’s prosperity. The federal government’s inability to live within a balanced budget is shameful. Our generation is saddling future generations through intergenerational theft. We are stealing from our children, and our children’s children to pay for today’s big government.

I will stand with those who wish to pass a balanced budget amendment. Our federal government has proven that it cannot, by will power or legislation alone, live within their means.

National Defense

Sending our military into harm’s way is the gravest decision any senator can make. Our nation faces threats to its safety at many levels. From international conflict with North Korea and Syria, and our war against ISIS, America must remain vigilant and be prepared to defend itself at a moment’s notice. As a military physician trained to treat the casualties of war, I understand the true human costs of engaging in any type of military conflict. Sending our troops into combat should only occur when all other methods of diplomacy have failed. I am committed to provide our troops with all the resources necessary to be successful in times of war and peace. We must stand firm with our allies around the world in order to defend our freedoms.


I believe in the dignity and value of all human life from conception to natural death, without exception. I have authored original legislation to protect and defend unborn children. I have championed legislation to promote the welfare and safety of our elderly, our disabled, and our families. As your next senator, I will continue to fight for the weak and our most vulnerable.

Public Lands

In order to successfully manage public lands, I believe three criteria need to be met:

  • Increase the number of Montanans who are able to make a living and provide for their families through the management of our public lands.
  • Increase access to Montana’s public lands for Montanans to hunt, fish, and recreate.
  • Turn our lands from a liability to a viable asset that produces revenue for our local towns and counties to provide infrastructure and public schools.

Selling public lands is a false narrative. The real issue is who controls access and management of public lands within our state. The federal government should look to Montanans to understand our unique needs and on how to manage our lands.

Veteran's Affairs

Our veterans deserve better service from our government. These men and women have sacrificed for our country. Despite multiple attempts by our nation’s capital, the Veterans Administration continues to overpromise and under deliver. This issue will not be solved until Congress is serious about fundamentally changing the culture of how we provide service to our veterans. As a veteran and a prior military physician, I will champion a veterans’ healthcare system that focuses on the expedited treatment of our wounded warriors and transition our veterans’ routine medical needs to their local community healthcare systems.