Doc Talk | Protect Our Children AND Our Constitution

5 Action Items to Do Now to Protect Our Children

  1. Dr. Al with young supporters in Fort Benton.

    Enhance background checks – Background checks need to work in real time and provide the most up to date information. How? Bureaucracies will be required to enter data with urgency, or face significant consequences should they fail to do so.

  2. Beef up our FBI – Any job well done requires adequate personnel; our field agents are spread too thin. Future attacks on our children and general public can be better prevented if we give our FBI the resources they need to investigate all tips about people with valid red flags.
  3. Block grants for armed security – Federal block grants need to be appropriated and given high priority for armed security in all public and private schools as part of the emergency and disaster budget.
  4. Reset FCC (Federal Communications Commission) regulation standards – Violence, especially against women and children, is more prevalent than ever in today’s entertainment. The FCC needs to reevaluate the impact of modern graphics and set appropriate standards for all media including music, the internet, movies, television, and gaming medias.
  5. Empower our teachers – They’re our last line of defense to save our children in any disaster, especially a shooter on campus. Let’s support them and make sure they are thoroughly trained to respond in crisis. Furthermore, the school districts should develop school marshal programs where trained staff and faculty, who are willing and able, are permitted to carry concealed weapons on school premises. In Montana, this could be implemented immediately by the local school boards and does not require state or federal legislation to be accomplished.

Our children are our national treasure and should be protected as such. Take a few minutes to watch the following video. This young man articulates very well on how we can protect BOTH our children and our constitution.