Doc Talk | Our Message Is Clear

Immigration Reform is a winning issue for Montana Republicans! It is mind-boggling that Jon Tester would shut down the government AND deny needed healthcare for 24,000 vulnerable Montana children in order to give amnesty to illegal immigrants in the DACA program. However, it is not surprising when you consider how Jon Tester and the Washington D.C. Democrats have neglected our border security, promoted illegal immigration, and harbored criminals in sanctuary cities around the country.

For years America’s sons and daughters have been needlessly assaulted and murdered by people who should not be here! Jon Tester and Democratic colleagues have failed the United States of America. They have neglected their duty to protect the American people by prioritizing illegal immigrants over all citizens.

Our message is clear  –  Secure the border, fully fund and BUILD THE WALL! Enforce ALL existing immigration laws. End chain migration and the diversity visa lottery. Mandate e-Verify for all hiring of workers. No federal money granted to sanctuary cities. No citizenship for DACA recipients. DACA may be temporarily extended ONLY if the Democrats agree to our preceding demands.

As your next U.S. Senator from Montana, I will stand up for our country and our people. That is what patriots do. God bless America. God bless Montana.

Fixing Broken,

Dr. Al Olszewski
State Senator, District 6
Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate

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