Doc Talk | It’s Go Time!

I filed my declaration to run for Montana’s seat for the United States Senate today, January 11, 2018. There are 145 days until the Republican primary election on June 5. It’s go time! It’s time to carefully evaluate our Republican candidates to determine who has the best combination of qualifications, experience, and “Made in Montana” story to win against the Democrat incumbent, Jon Tester.

When you finish your careful inspection of all the Republican candidates, you will see I am your best man to go “toe to toe” with the Democrat’s candidate. I match up with Jon Tester as being “100% Montanan”, having deep homesteading roots in the farming community of Central Montana, and a proven track record protecting Montana’s heritage through the legislative process.

That means the Washington D.C. Democratic Party can not run Jon Tester’s campaign based on where we were born, how our families still farm the land our great-grandparents homesteaded, or on who loves Montana more.

An “Olszewski vs. Tester” 2018 Senate race will be decided based on the issues important to Montana. That means we Republicans win. Jon Tester and the Democrats lose.

There is only 145 days left until we vote in the 2018 Montana Republican Primary Election. Look carefully at each of us candidates. Wisely, choose your Republican champion for the 2018 U. S. Senate Race. It’s go time!

Fixing Broken,

Dr. Al Olszewski
State Senator, District 6
Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate