Doc Talk | Dancing with Montana

One of the mottos I like to live by is, “You dance with the one who brought you.” So let me share with you the inside story of my campaign.

Eleven months ago, I announced my candidacy to be the next Republican U.S. Senator from Montana. I jumped in with both feet. There was no exploration committee, no secret polls, and there was no “it’s my turn” mentality. I entered the race because I was fed up and frustrated watching President Trump take a tremendous thrashing by the media, the liberal progressives, and the Washington establishment. Why? Because President Trump was actually working to shrink the government bureaucracy and he was keeping his campaign promise to fight for our individual liberties. It was clear that he needed more support in the U.S. Senate to wage our battle against our adversaries. My family and I did not hesitate to leave our comfort zone and become the first Montanan to start the race for the U.S. Senate.

I struck a political nerve. I expected pushback from the Democrats and I got it on the day I announced. What I didn’t expect was the pushback I received from the Washington Republican Establishment. They made it clear – I was not their man! They had already determined their favorite candidate and I was in the way. What they failed to understand was I did not want to be their boy. I intended to become Montana’s man. I did not want to be anointed by the Establishment. I was fighting to be elected by the people of Montana!

During this campaign, it has been liberating to create strategy and tactics based on Montana conservative values and principles. While the three other republican candidates are following the directions of their handlers from Washington D.C., Steve Bannon, or the former Montana establishment, I am free to answer only to the people of Montana. While the other republican candidates have to first dance with their high dollar financial backers, I am free to dance with you, and you alone. The old saying “you dance with the one who brought you” is as true in politics as it is in our Western way of life.

Fixing Broken,

Dr. Al Olszewski
State Senator, District 6
Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate

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