“Let me simply say that we urgently need vets like you [Dr. Al] in public office. There are a few tests a voter can use when considering a candidate. Service to someone other than self is sure one measure.”

Judge Ed Sperry (Stevensville, MT)

“I am 100% supporting Dr. Al Olszewski to be Montana’s next U.S. Senator. Why? Dr. Al knows our rights come from our creator, not our government. He believes that the constitution created a limited government, and that property rights and water rights are worth fighting for. Dr. Al is a man whose ‘yes’ is ‘yes’, and ‘no’ is ‘no’. He is willing to listern and learn before he casts his vote. Dr. Al has earned my vote. This June 5th, vote Dr. Al Olszewski for U.S. Senate.”

Sen. Scott Sales, Montana Senate President (Bozeman, Montana)

“As a veteran, doctor, and state legislator, Dr. Al has the longest history of service to Montana and Montanans. He is articulate and can clearly represent conservative interests, with good sense of humor to boot! I have never met a more effective, respectful, and incredibly likable leader! Dr. Al does not have to bring his opponents down as leverage to prove his worth or drone on and on about his accomplishments or money or endorsements as the reasons why a person should vote for him. He talks about what HE WILL DO for Montanans! Dr. Al’s humility and character truly outshines the other contenders. There has never been a more honest and qualified man on the ballot. Vote the “O” on June 5!”

Megan Smith (Kalispell, Montana)

“Dr. Al was my surgeon for two extremely successful knee replacement surgeries. I found him to be a very intelligent man, highly skilled and professional, honest in his discussions with me about my condition, genuinely interested in me as a person, fully listening to what I had to say, and a person whose manner put me very much at ease as I interacted with him. Those qualities transferred well into his work as both a representative and a senator in the Montana State Legislature in 2015 and 2017 respectively. Additionally, I know several members of Dr. Al’s family. They, like Dr. Al, are all people of integrity, strong in their concern for the good of others, solid in their moral beliefs, hard working, and unafraid of exercising leadership.

I believe all of these things will serve to make Dr. Al an outstanding voice in the U.S. Senate speaking up for the good of Montana and the United States.

I believe they would serve to make him an excellent U.S. Senator as well.”

Sandy Wedel

“I am endorsing Dr. Al. I remember when Dr. Al first came in the House before he went to the Senate. We worked together on a lot of bills. He’s got a good heart and a good mind. He’s got a great opportunity here to represent Montana.

One of my big concerns is veterans and Veterans Affairs, and we’re both veterans […] When solutions and ideas to fix paperwork and process problems are provided by people who work in the VA, the response has been, ‘No, we’re just going to hire more people to help do the paperwork’. That’s not the right answer. That’s not the answer that Dr. Al would give. So, having worked with Dr. Al and seeing the bills he’s brought forward and his ability to work with people, both up and down, left and right, and of any age, is going to be a great benefit for Montana. You’ve got my support. He’s the best candidate we have.”

Rep. Kirk Wagoner, Montana HD 75 (Montana City, Montana)

“In law we have the “reasonable person” test. Any reasonable person watching the political ads put on by Troy Downing would rightly assume that he had been both a helicopter and jet pilot in the United States Air Force. According to reliable sources, he was neither. Now he has a retired general supporting him who was convicted of lying to the FBI.

I urge all my fellow veterans and non-veterans to support Dr. Al Olszewski for U.S. Senate. He is a legitimate Montana veteran.”

Dr. W. David Herbert ESQ (Billings, Montana)

“Dr. O is the right candidate. He is smart and caring. Most importantly, he is NOT a career politician. He will not forget who he represents when he gets to Washington.”

Lisa Kelly

“Dr. Al is what Montana needs in Washington DC! He is a man of faith with great integrity. He can take on Tester and win because he will focus on the issues. Dr. Al has my vote!”

Sierra Butts (Kalispell, Montana)

“Dr. O is the common sense candidate for Montana. A true grass roots representative, who wants to do Something and not be Somebody.. He truly is running to make a difference. I have heard them all a few times and he is the one for MT. Albert is humble and transparent with an agenda to help MT.”

Lana Tibbetts (Terry, Montana)

“Over the campaign season, I’ve had ample opportunity to hear and observe all the candidates. Dr. O’s decorum, reasoned positions on issues, and rational solutions for our national concerns have assured me that he is someone that will represent Montana well in Washington, and that I will be proud to call him my US senator.

I have had the privilege of voting for Dr. O twice already. Once as my State representative and once as my State senator – His performance in those positions was exemplary! I look forward to voting for him again in the Primary and hopefully in the General election in November. Dr. O is the real deal. GO DR. O!”

Mark Roedel (Kalispell, Montana)