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Veteran | Physician | State Legislator

Montanans work hard for their money. Invest in someone who will work hard for you.


Born and raised in Great Falls, Dr. Al is the great grandson of farmers and miners who pioneered Central Montana and the Hi-Line.


Veteran, physician, state legislator, Montanan - Dr. Al is the only candidate who can go "toe to toe" with Jon Tester.

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It is time to repeal and replace the Democrat’s incumbent senator, Jon Tester. After 30 years of fixing broken people, Dr. Al is running as your Montana Republican candidate for U.S. Senate to fix broken government.

In a crowded primary, why is he Montana’s nominee of choice? Dr. Al combines the strengths of all the contenders into one person:

  • THIRD GENERATION MONTANAN | Born and raised in Great Falls, Dr. Al is the son of a carpenter and great grandson of farmers and miners who pioneered Central Montana and the Hi-Line.
  • AIR FORCE VETERAN | Dr. Al demonstrates service above self. Over a decade in the U.S. Air Force fortified his love for our nation and the constitution we were founded upon.
  • PHYSICIAN | Over the past 30 years, Dr. Al has cared for +100,000 patients (recipient of the 2017 Flathead’s Best Orthopedist Award). Formerly a part business owner of a clinic, he has the greatest understanding of our broken healthcare system and how to fix it to better serve Montanans.
  • BATTLE-TESTED STATE LEGISLATOR | Having served the past four years at our state Capitol, Dr. Al is a fearless and driving force for legislation that enhances rural healthcare, supports public lands, and protects life from conception to natural death (recipient of 2017 Montana NAMI Hero Award).
  • FAMILY VALUES | Dr. Al is a husband of 30 years and biological, foster, and adoptive father of six children, and soon to be grandpa!
Tester cannot run against Dr. Al based on place of birth, how their families farm the land, or who can better protect Montana’s heritage through the legislative process. An “Olszewski vs. Tester” race will be won on issues important to Montana. Vote for Dr. Al Olszewski in the Republican primary on June 5!



"I'm voting for Dr.Al! He is the only candidate that can beat Tester, who must go."

Greg Smith (Somers, Montana)


"Dr. Al is what Montana needs in Washington DC! He is a man of faith with great integrity. He can take on Tester and win because he will focus on the issues. Dr. Al has my vote!"

Sierra Butts (Kalispell, Montana)


I knew Dr. O for many years when I was Principal at Trinity Lutheran. He worked on a few of my children, as well as attended the football games my son played at just in case there was an injury. A great man with Godly principles and a true love for his community! VOTE FOR HIM!

David Hobus, Former Trinity Lutheran Principal (Kalispell, MT)


As a father, physician, and military veteran, our dad has dedicated his life to the service of others and our country by living out his faith each day. He leads by example and with encouragement. Our dad is our hero; let him be yours too. Please vote for him to be our next US Senator.

The Olszewski Kids (Sierra, Megan, Albert, Daniel, and Alaura)


"Dr. O is the right candidate. He is smart and caring. Most importantly, he is NOT a career politician. He will not forget who he represents when he gets to Washington."

Lisa Kelly


"Need someone who will work together with president Trump not totally against him and over half of America."

Stephen Raybourn (Kalispell, Montana)


“I am 100% supporting Dr. Al Olszewski to be Montana’s next U.S. Senator. Why? Dr. Al knows our rights come from our creator, not our government. He believes that the constitution created a limited government, and that property rights and water rights are worth fighting for. Dr. Al is a man whose ‘yes’ is ‘yes’, and ‘no’ is ‘no’. He is willing to listern and learn before he casts his vote. Dr. Al has earned my vote. This June 5th, vote Dr. Al Olszewski for U.S. Senate.”

Sen. Scott Sales, Montana Senate President (Bozeman, Montana)

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Dr Albert Olszewski and his wife

“I am not in this race to be someone. I am in this race to do something. Our state needs an advocate in Washington, D.C. who will protect how Montanans make a livelihood and care for their families. Let me fix the broken systems that are not serving you.”

~ Dr. Albert Olszewski